Pearson Data Breach Releases Student Information

August 1, 2019 

            On July 31, 2019, Pearson announced a student data breach of information provided by users of AIMSweb 1.0.  In November 2018, Pearson’s AIMSweb 1.0 platform was breached, resulting in the unauthorized disclosure of student information.  Pearson was alerted to the breach in March 2019.  The information accessed included students’ first and last names, and in some instances included dates of birth and email addresses.  Pearson has discontinued use of the AIMSweb 1.0 platform. 

            Pearson began notifying districts of the breach in mid-July 2019, and some school districts have received notice informing them that they have been affected.  This notice, however, did not reach every district affected by the breach.  If you used AIMSweb 1.0, you may wish to proactively reach out to your Pearson account representative to find out if your district was affected. 

            If your district has been affected, notice of the data breach should be provided to parents, even though it does not appear that anything more than directory information was accessed.  Pearson is offering free credit monitoring to affected parties, which is information your families would appreciate having.  Please contact your SHP attorney if you would like assistance with preparing an appropriate notice, or any other issues you may have associated with this breach.