Updated School Board Nomination Petition For The 2011 Election

September 29, 2010

By: Alan M. Mullins

The first day school board candidates could circulate nomination petitions was September 21, 2010.  School districts can, but are not required to, make copies of petitions available to candidates. Based on information provided to us by the Illinois State Board of Elections, in an e-blackboard dated September 13, 2010, we previously reported to you that the petition for school board candidates had not changed since the last election. However, we recently learned the petition underwent minor revisions.  Previously, “IL” appeared in the section for voters’ signatures under the column labeled “County”.  It now appears under the column before that labeled “City, Town or Village”.  There are no other revisions to the petition except that it states “Revised May, 2009” at the top.

A copy of the new petition can be accessed by clicking on the following link:  School Board Nomination Petition for the 2011 Election.