Chief School Business Officer Requirements

By John E. Fester

A recent TRS Employer Bulletin was issued regarding the participation of business administrators in TRS (Bulletin 14-06). Please note the following excerpts:

“Therefore, individuals serving as the CSBO and required to hold a [professional educator] license with the CSBO endorsement must have CSBO in their titles. If a school business-related position does not include CSBO in the title, the position does not require licensure even if the individual holds a CSBO endorsement.”

“Effective with the 2014-15 school term, for a school business official to be reportable to TRS, he/she must hold the CSBO endorsement and must have CSBO in his/her title. For example, the title of the position may be CSBO, Assistant Superintendent/CSBO, etc.”

If you need to make this change, we recommend changing the title in the job description and amending employment contracts to reflect the title change. As a general rule, if an employee does not have a professional educator license, or is serving in a position that does not require such a license, the person is not eligible for TRS membership.  If you have questions regarding this topic, please contact your attorney at Scariano, Himes and Petrarca.